Hello. Mr! This is my new purchase number! Why does it say that Whatsapp cannot be registered
      Hi sir ! my WhatsApp has been banned, please turn it on again thank u very much. My WhatsApp number is +

My account is +* ***. which now is banned. I am sorry if there is any violence of whatsapp’s T&C I am loyal of whatsapp. My account is my link to my friends, family and also my business partners. As you know, I am now abroad, so the account means a lot to me. So pls lift the ban on my account. I would also appreciate if you could tell what I should not do in the future. Thank you very much!

WhatsApp iPhone 版的问题
My Whatsapp account was suddenly disabled without any prompts This is a commonly used communication tool for our work It is very important to us. Please restore it. If improper operation violates the rules, please tell me directly, and I will strictly abide by it in the future .
My mobile number is: +** xxxxxxxxx
thank you very much!
I wish you success in your work!